Home Decor

Here our arts and crafts people create wonderful, timeless pieces that would make any internal space more attractive and functionally useful. 

These hand crafted items bring a warmth to your home to match your interior design such as colour, style of furniture, floor design etc.

All items are supplied complete and ready to use. Please select relevant section for more information about specific items.


These Ceramic square tile drink coasters have been backed with felt to create a charming and functional embellishment suited to any space.

These sets of coloured glazed coasters make a handsome gift for friends and family and an elegant addition to your own home or office.

Sold as sets of either 4 or 6

Prices from £7.95 

Free delivery to UK mainland



Various hand crafted items for the home from small gifts to large 'made to order' items such as logstores etc.

Prices from £4.95 

Free delivery to UK mainland

Please Note : We also source and 'upcycle' items of furniture from large dressers to small tables to meet your requirements. Please use the 'Contact Us' form to discuss options.

Cabinet Knobs

These hand crafted furniture knobs come in a variety of different colours all showing a swirling patterns of colours.

Each knob is unique but combined together really add a statement to any piece of furniture. Can also be used to help with accented colours as part of your room decor.

We also offer refinished recycled cabinet knobs - please check for availability.

Sold as sets in multiples of 2. 

Prices from £7.95

Free delivery to UK mainland

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