WildFlower Crafts Overview

In our modern day world we understand that we are collectively, having a negative impact on our planet. This can be through depleting finite natural resources or spewing pollution back out into the air, earth or water systems.

We appreciate that we have to start to make changes in how we live in terms of power, transport, food production and consumption as well as how we then dispose of the rubbish that we no longer have a use for.

We obviously will look to our governments to provide bigger more corporate solutions and projects. Hydro electric dams, building of large scale solar and wind farms, banning the sale of diesel / petrol vehicles or offering incentives to buy electric vehicles etc.

Of course, we individually can also do our bit by recycling certain materials like paper and empty jars, reducing the use of single use plastics etc all of these allow us to be a bit more eco-friendly. However, finding a way to reuse these items by giving them a second (or even third) life takes your sustainability to the next level. This is the basic ethos of WildFlower Crafts, we look at ways as to how we can re-purpose / re-use unwanted items using either plant based, cruelty free products or recycled items and materials i.e. prevent something going to a landfill by offering environmentally products and services. We do this ourselves at WildFlower Crafts as well as looking at other crafts people who have a similar view and want to share their skills and knowledge.

We also hope that this website will provide some ideas and inspiration for you and your family to look at how you can use any of your unwanted / recycleable materials, remember that when it comes to unleashing your creativity we're willing to bet that Mother Nature would be more than happy the results. 

At WildFlower Crafts we are very passionate about environmental issues and as further evidence of this we donate 5% of our profits to local community based groups whose volunteers help manage and maintain green spaces for the benefit of wider community at large. 

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