Garden and Wildlife

We have a wide and varied selection of items made from recycled timber which provide either homes, nests or feeding stations for your local garden wildlife. We have even got hand made items usefularound the garden.

All items are supplied complete and ready to use. Additionally all items are screwed together to make it easier to take apart and clean as required. Please select relevant section for more information about specific items.

Nest Boxes

Our nest boxes meet both the requirements of the birds in terms of optimum dimensions and also come in a variety of styles to appeal to your taste too. We have general nest boxes aimed at a range of similar-sized birds, plus many that are designed for a single species only. Our boxes are easy to put up, clean and can be used in most habitats.

Bird Feeders

Our traditional bird feeders and tables are suitable for any size garden.

They are both solidly and robustly made from reclaimed timber and are wild bird friendly.

The dimensions vary so please visit our shop for more information.

Mammal & Bug Houses

Yes even our friendly neighbourhood mammals need somewhere to live. We are constantly clearing away their habitat so why not give them somewhere warm and cosy to hole up and avoid the worst of the British weather.

We've got homes for bats, dormice, hedgehogs and even a few bug/bee hotels.

Garden Stuff

From logstores to planters why not treat yourself to something that is both functional and great looking.

These items are sturdily built using reclaimed timber and are supplied 'au naturale' but can be painted to meet your requirements.

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