Candle Craft

Hand Made and Hand Crafted Candles

Our luxury candles are animal and cruelty free . We only use high grade Soy wax which is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans. These hand poured candles are then infused with various essential oils extracted from trees, plants and herbs to create long lasting candles. Once lit these candles provide warm, rich  and mood enhancing fragrances which burn cleanly to ensure an even dispersal throughout the room.

We supply the candles in various sized containers, these containers are re-purposed from glass, ceramic or metal containers that otherwise would have gone to the local landfill or recycling site. By giving these items another lease of life we are further helping the environment.

For those customers who are buying candles as gifts, each candle comes with its own gift tag and a presentation box which is individually hand made from recycled printed cardboard. As a result each box may be slightly different as it is very dependant on what printed cardboard we have available. Remember you are also allowed to buy a candle as a treat to yourself !

At Candle Craft we are very passionate about environmental and sustainability issues. We do not use any paraffin wax or any other hydrocarbon based products nor do we use products or ingredients derived from animals. We source containers that would have been destined for land fill and we pride ourselves on providing ethically made and great quality products. Further evidence of our commitment to the health of the planet is that we donate 5% of our profits to local community based groups whose volunteers help manage and maintain green spaces for the benefit of the wider community at large. 


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